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Visiting your new home as it's being built

Can’t wait to move into your new home? Want a sneak peek as it’s being built?

Completely understandable – and the good news is that this is absolutely achievable, so long as you follow some basic safety precautions! Building sites can contain a variety of hazards, so it’s important to know how to keep you and your family safe if you decide to visit.

New home being built surrounded by scaffolding

There are three basic rules when it comes to visiting one of our sites:

  • Only visit if you have booked an appointment to do so

  • Always make sure you are accompanied by a member of the Persona team

  • Always wear the recommended safety equipment. This should be provided by your sales host

You can book an appointment by contacting your sales host. If you have any additional access needs, please mention these when booking an appointment and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

You should also mention if you plan on bringing children along. We do not recommend bringing infants and small children with you, as they might not be allowed onto the site itself.

Building site
Builder working on site
Building site

When on the building site, always stick to these safety guidelines.

  • Wear safety footwear if you have it, sturdy boots if not.

  • Watch your trip hazards, and stick to designated pedestrian footpaths at all times

  • Only park in designated parking areas.

  • Be aware of large vehicles and construction plant manoeuvring. Make sure drivers can see you before crossing in front or around them by giving a ‘thumbs up’ signal.

  • Never climb ladders, material stacks or scaffolding for any reason.

  • Keep away from excavations, trenches and material stacks.

  • Never walk under scaffolding unless directed by the site manager or their assistant.

  • Stay with the person escorting you and stay together as a group.

  • Keep an eye out for wet paint, adhesives or concrete.

  • Watch for sharp objects like cut wall tiles.

If you don’t follow these guidelines, or we find you there without a Persona team member or adequate safety equipment, we will escort you offsite for your own safety.

Remember: if you have any questions at all, your sales host will be happy to help. There are no stupid questions when it comes to site safety, so ask away as much as you need to.

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