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Complaints, compliments, comments…all feedback is useful to our teams as they strive to support our homeowners in the best way possible.

Whether you’d like to get in touch after a particularly good experience or flag up where we could be doing better, you can:

We aim to provide our customers with great value, well-designed homes with outstanding support throughout the home buying process. Occasionally, we make mistakes. When this happens, we are always keen to hear your feedback so we can make it right and improve how we work. If you’re unhappy about how we act on your feedback, or don’t think your concerns have been properly heard, you can make an official complaint.

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Before making an official complaint...

Our colleagues will always do their best to resolve any issues you have before launching the official complaints procedure. We can address many issues over the phone – give us a call on 0800 030 8888 and we’ll be happy to help. If you feel that our team hasn’t responded to your concerns effectively, you can file a formal complaint. We treat all complaints seriously and won’t treat you less favourably if you make one.

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How can I tell Persona Homes about an issue?

  • Write to us at One Strawberry Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4BX

  • Complete the ‘Get in Touch’ form on our website

  • Email us at

  • Phone us on 0800 030 8888

  • Give your feedback to a Persona Homes colleague

What can I complain about?

  • Failure to provide a service

  • Our standard of service

  • Treatment by or attitude of a member of staff

  • Our failure to follow Persona Homes policies and procedures

You can complain about more than one issue at once, and you can also complain about someone working on our behalf (such as a building contractor) – they don’t have to be a Persona team member.

You can read our formal complaints procedure here.

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