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Why buy new? There are many reasons

There are many great reasons why you should take your first step onto the property ladder, but one of the big questions is , should you buy a brand new home, or an older one?

The benefits

Buying a new home has many benefits, including being easier on your wallet. Here's why we think, buying new is better:

It's a fresh start

Your new home will be new, fresh and clean, and more importantly, untouched from any previous owner's dodgy DIY. You'll not get any expensive nasty surprises. All you need to do is unpack and settle right in.


Greener and cheaper

New homes are built to the latest environmental standards, so they're not only better for the planet, they're cheaper to run.

Less chain, less hassle

You don't need to wait for the previous owners to move out. This makes your purchase so much more straightforward - this could be a big consideration if you're thinking of buying your first new home.


More for your money

Our new homes come with a high specification, so you're likely to get more for your money. Efficient heating, double glazing and modern insulation are a given. You'll also get a brand new appliances covered by a warranty, there's no guarantees what you'll get with a pre-owned property.

There's even more

  • New build homes are equipped for modern living - and with many of us working from home some of the time, a home ready for the digital ages is almost a necessity

  • New homes are built to a higher standard than ever before. Building regulations ensure customers are protected in their new home. They are continually being improved and strengthened, giving you peace of mind and a top quality home.

Keen to find out more?

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